Interested in working for autoslm?


At AutoSLM we value industry skills and self starter attitudes that drive performance and results.  If you have a sales background (ideally with software sales but not essential) in the Motor Industry (essential) then we would be interested in talking to you.

Understanding selling and being able to communicate the incredible value that good Lead Management and CRM systems can create for professionally run NEW and USED car dealerships is what it’s all about.

AutoSLM is looking for an industry professional who can use their industry knowledge of dealership sales processes to sell the AutoSLM Lead management and CRM platform.

This is an exciting opportunity to take advantage of opportunities in the motor industry.

There are many dealers still using paper systems or excel or just email to manage their leads and could be selling so many more cars by using a comprehensive Lead Management and CRM system like AutoSLM.

We have customers all over the country so where you are (as long as it’s in a major centre) is not a problem.

Send us your story and if we are keen we will call you for an interview.

The role does require sales/selling experience knowledge of Office and basic understanding/experience of software CRM applications and is not a junior or starter role so please only apply if you have this experience and knowledge.