KIT (KEep in touch)

AutoSLM’s automated communication system allows you to send e-mail and text messages to all or any of your customers and prospects. It can be used by manager or marketing professionals from a local level or group level to keep in touch with customers and potential customers.

How does KIT work?

KIT is very simple to use as you can create your own individualised marketing searches.

For example:

Find all customers that have enquired about a Nissan Navara in the last 12 months, but didn’t actually purchase one


‘Find all customers that purchased from us, but didn’t have a test drive in the last 2 years’

You can create any search you want and when completed you can export the results to an Excel file or send it to our KIT broadcast area where you can send HTML e-mail in bulk, or mass SMS messages to your customers.

All KIT activity is recorded against the customer records, so you can see exactly what was send, by whom and when.

But that’s not all, KIT can be fully automated to send communications on or before specific events. For example automated text reminders can be sent about an upcoming test drive or an email can automatically be sent out thanking customers after a hand over.

All of these communications can be sent from our pre-formatted templates section.

 The ‘marketing wizard’ prospecting feature also gives sales managers the ability to send sales information to specific groups of customers.

 KIT can also be used to send interactive questionnaires such as CSI surveys and lost sale analysis.

KIT had been designed together with our customers meaning it is easy to use and is also a really powerful tool in retaining and gaining customers; in turn increasing your sales.