Nurturing Module

Is your sales lead management system full of customers that have never been followed up? Do sales staff have hundreds, if not thousands of overdue customer contacts in their diaries? If this is the case, then very quickly your sales lead management system becomes ineffective. Sales staff stop using it properly leading to missed follow-ups and ultimately, thousands of Rand in missed sales.

The Nurturing Module’s Value

In our years of experience in the industry we have seen that sales executives are good at selling cars to people currently in the market for a new car and not at cold calling someone who potentially wanted to buy a car three years ago and is still in their database. Therefore, AutoSLM has addressed this issue by creating the role of Nurturer.

The Nurturer takes over from the salesperson providing proactive follow up to the prospect, looking after them until they are ready to re-enter the sales process, but now as a warm prospect.

A new Prospect scoring process ensures that the “warmest” prospects will be prioritised and contacted first. Using your existing database is the very cheapest way to generate leads! We have met a countless number of Dealers who have decades of customer data doing nothing or where the data was simply never collected.

The salesperson simply transfers the prospect to ‘Nurturing’ section via the AutoSLM system. Once in nurturing, we have a range of tools designed to keep in touch with the prospect. Our ‘Keep In Touch’ (KIT) system sends e-mail and SMS messages as automated routines and the Nurturer has their own diary to keep in contact. Once the prospect is ready, they are transferred into the salesperson’s diary for follow up.